Salvation Cover

Salvation is a BBC Worlwide Ltd novel written by Steve Lyons. The novel features the First Doctor with Dodo Chaplet and Steven Taylor as his companions. The novel is set between the events of The Massacre and The Ark.


The gods have returned, and they're here to save our world.

New York, 1965. A time of conflict between ideologies, races, generations and genders, when crime runs rife and an unpopular war drags on in a distant land. In the midst of this turmoil, people cry out to their gods.

And now, it seems, the gods have answered their call. Walking the slums and tenements of downtown Manhattan, demonstrating extraordinary powers, five strangers are gathering a growing crowd of worshippers.

Steven wants to believe in miracles, but the Doctor is more sceptical. What are the strangers' real motives, and why does history make no mention of these events? As New York begins to tear itself apart, the Doctor's principles are tested to their limits. Which side should he choose to help? And what part will a London schoolgirl named Dorothea Chaplet play in ensuing chaos?

What price is humankind willing to pay for salvation?


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  • The novel was published in 1999.

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